A little

About Me

I presently lead digital communications at Softcom Limited, while also working as an experienced B2C Marketer for fast-growing Czech startup--SmartGuide. I am also passionate about helping startups scale their business processes in marketing and innovation.

The "Weird" Me

There are times that I literally sleep and ideas pop up in my dreams. Then I wake up and implement them.It feels like Magic. Weird? IKR!



A lot of people refer to me as the "guy that brings the zing." Even though I kickstart the process, but there's nothing like an amazing team.



I make sure that whatever marketing technology products/campaigns I am focused on achieve the required goals.

The "Fun" Me

I can do amazing things, but nobody loves a boring colleague, right? I try to be blow the confetti every once in a while and get everybody pumped.

I am not all work, I also know how to play. 😊

I love digital transformation, marketing and technology projects but I also play soccer, swim, write amazing poetry and you will also catch me hanging out with a lot of younger people. I recently caught up on the whoa dance–thanks to the kids. I believe life should be spent to its fullest–making memories.