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This New Certificate from Google can advance your IT career

When Grow with Google launched the IT Support Professional Certificate, we aimed to equip learners around the world with the fundamenta...


Understanding B2C Marketing

There are lots of acronyms in the entrepreneurial world. B2C, or business-to-consumer, is one of the most common. Contrast it with B2B, or business-to...


Why Corporate Branding is Important for your Business

Think about the world’s biggest brands. Google, Apple, Nike, Coke Cola. Each one has a very distinct brand, and this kind of branding doesn’t happ...


TechPoint Interview: How I work

Once every week, we catch up with productive people in the African tech ecosystem (and beyond) to share their career journeys, favourite tools, and pr...


Understanding AI for Dummies

Machine learning, a subset of AI, is an area that deals with familiarizing the machine with scenarios and predict its outcome by giving it multiple ev...


Who is a Product Manager?

Have you ever wondered how a product makes it onto a superstore shelf? Who made that idea turn into reality? Perhaps you have your own product idea in...

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