Who is a Product Manager?

  • Tech
  • September 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered how a product makes it onto a superstore shelf? Who made that idea turn into reality? Perhaps you have your own product idea in mind and wonder just how to get the ball rolling. Learning how product management works is certainly the best place to start.

According to the Business Dictionary, product management is the development, marketing and sale of a product to a customer. Product management starts from when a product is merely just an idea and continues all the way through the lifecycle of a product, including when the product arrives in the customer’s home. A product manager drives the strategy for a product or group of products. Product managers are often responsible for educating the executive staff on the need for the product in the market.

Product management differs based on the company and type of products. However one thing is consistent, the product manager represents the customers’ needs. The product manager is responsible for bringing together the technologybusiness, and users. The technology includes the actual product itself. The business represents those that have the ability to bring the product to market, and the user is the customer that has a desire for this product. Other than the chief executive officer (CEO), the product manager is the only other person in the company who has a focus on bringing all the aspects of a product together.

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